Greetings fellow storytellers! My name is Shawn, and I have been writing and podcasting since 2010. I’ve written about business, marketing, economics, theology, and eschatology. I’ve authored and self-published multiple non-fiction books on those subjects.

Embracing The Journey of Novel Writing

I’ve always feared that moving from non-fiction to fiction novel writing would be impossible for someone like me. I had all the excuses. What happens if it’s terrible? What if nobody reads it, or even worse, what if they do? What would happen if I make a fool of myself?

We all have a choice to make. We can remain paralyzed by all these fears, excuses, and insecurities, or we can push through and decide in our hearts to make it happen and pursue a lifelong dream.

I want to invite all of you to join me and come along on a fantastic journey. Yes, YOU TOO CAN write your first book!

Writing a novel in 90-days challenge

Not only do I aim to fulfill my lifelong dream of publishing my first epic fantasy novel, I also intend to motivate you to pursue your own novel writing aspirations. Achieving anything is possible with consistency, self-challenge, and perseverance.

The goal for 2023 is to finish my first manuscript of at least 75,000 words in 90 days. This challenge starts on September 1st, 2023, and ends on December, 1st 2023. However, you can start right now and just extend the timeline.

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